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Calling all Online entrepreneurs...

Coaches, writers, and designers who've been in business for 1+ years but STILL don't have a client-magnet website:

IF there was a step-by-step, doable method for attracting more of the right clients TO YOU, without hustling your ass off or spending money on Facebook ads…

Would you finally be willing to make a STANDOUT website (that sells out your services) a top priority?

Here's why committing to crafting your standout site is mission-critical to your online business:

Every day there are people online looking for you —for businesses like yours— but instead they end up hiring someone else...

Someone with a website that looks professional, inviting, and trustworthy.

Someone with messaging that talks TO THEM, instead of talking at them (or worse, talking over their heads).

Someone that makes it easy and enjoyable to navigate through their site and sign up for more, without asking them for a marriage proposal before the appetizers have arrived.

And you know what?
That someone can be you. And it doesn't have to cost thousands of dollars or take 6 months, or require a cadre of contractors...

Because here's the deal:

Your website should attract high-quality clients without the hustle (sorry Gary V)

But you're never going to achieve the true ROI that you SHOULD be getting with your current website. Until you commit some time + attention to crafting a standout and streamlined digital home for your business...

Until then, ALL of your current marketing efforts are going to miss the bullseye. And your package rates will stagnate well BELOW where you want them to be.

If you're being honest with yourself, you know this is true.

You've bought all the courses, tried all the tactics and your results have been… less-than-stellar (to put it mildly)

And you've doubted whether you're cut out for this "online business thing”. Because sometimes it feels like you're sooo close to “cracking the code” of online business and other times it feels so frustrating and time-consuming that you don't know how much longer you can sustain this pace.

Not to mention...

But you know what?

You can craft a website that reflects your brand, attracts the right clients effortlessly, and grows your “net” worth...

Imagine what it would feel like IF:

Well, love, those things don't have to live only in your imagination. They are very possible for you and just require some key mindset adjustments.

Crafting a standout website that attracts high-quality clients to you on autopilot is more critical (and more doable) than ever...

You've made it this far, which means you ALREADY know that creating a website that sets you apart from the competition is critical to the success (and sustainability) of your service-based business.

But maybe you didn't know that, by building this digital landmark that stands out from the sea of sameness, using the 9-Step "Stand Out + Sell Out" framework that I'm about to share, you'll get these added benefits:

Introducing ELEVATE™

ELEVATE™ to elevate your Squarespace site and sales pages from DIY to dynamic— covering ALL 3 pillars of an effective and magnetic website: brand, copy, and design.

This ISN’T ONLY for coaches, VAs, or writers that want to finally feel like legit business owners...

This is for creatives who want to nail down their standout positioning statement, write client-magnet copy, and craft a user-friendly website that encourages more visits, shares, and "book now" clicks...

So that you can start attracting higher-quality clients on automatic and finally raise your rates (even if you’ve been at this hustle and grind for the past couple of years).

Because the harsh truth is:
Your website is a brick ceiling on your business growth. And it’s holding you back from being able to charge the rates you want (and need) in order to avoid burnout.

But it’s not your fault.
Just blame the metric shit-ton of misinformation bouncing around our entrepreneurial bubble.

And it’s totally fixable.
In this self-paced + fluff-free program, I’m giving you the precise steps to craft your standout website so that you can own your expertise, promote yourself with confidence, AND attract more high-quality clients.

And, because I don't believe that one-size fits all, you'll be getting up to two 1:1 calls with me for a custom-to-you strategy.

6 weeks. 2 strategy calls. 1 unique-to-you website!

Week 1: The WiseUp part I
Uncovering your standout brand strategy

We’ll dive into what makes you UNIQUE, we’ll uncover your unacknowledged superpowers, and set the foundation for your standout brand.

Understanding your client’s needs and desires

We'll also cover my signature method of undercover audience research for an anxiety-free way to get to know your ideal clients and start collecting words + phrases that will go into your copywriting.

Week 2: The WiseUp part II
Finding gaps in the competitive market space

As unique as you are, there are still people and products that are considered your “competition”. In this module, we identify your top direct (and indirect) competitors so that you can position yourself differently (and better for your right people). And find your unique “contrast”.

Drawing your line in the digital sand + taking a stand

Your brand compass is what informs the direction your brand takes. In this module, we define your key brand tone words and values that will drive both the voice and vision of your site moving forward.

Week 3: The Words
Architecting a streamlined site + excellent visitor experience

Before diving into the copywriting, we look at your ideal client’s “customer journey” of how they might interact with your brand as they move from casual visitor to committed client. And we use this to structure your site layout and flow to engineer the best experience.

Crafting the words that resonate with our potential clients

I’ll provide you with tested copy templates for the 5 essential site pages you need as a service-based business owner and we’ll make use of your undercover research to fill them in. Plus I’ll teach you added copywriting persuasion principles to ethically attract and convert more of your dream people.

Week 4: The Websight part I
Selecting the visual elements that create your brand

Before diving into design, I want you to think about this as CURATION more than CREATION. By curating from your existing assets, stock sources, and other resources like Creative Market, you’ll reduce much of the friction associated with creating a website. In this module, I’ll walk you through how to curate a cohesive visual brand.

Week 5: The Websight part II
Creating the digital space for your standout website

This module is where we bring everything together onto the page, to design our website mockups. Then I show you exactly how to export everything as well as my recommended approach for building your page on your website.

Week 6: The Websight part III
Finishing touches to elevate your website experience

This final module is all about finessing what we’ve created to see where we can elevate it even further. We’ll cover user testing, responsive design, and integrating third-party tools (like your email service provider or payment processor).

Get a Standout Website for Your Business that Effortlessly Attracts Clients and Grows Your “Net” Worth ;)

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The 14-Day Guarantee

The promise is simple.
Participate in this program, follow the recommended approach, implement my personalized suggestions for you, and REACH OUT when you need help.

This refund policy is designed to give you 14 days to try the system, get acquainted, and learn! If you do the work, put in your best effort, and feel that I haven’t delivered on the course, I will issue a refund.

I am giving my 100% effort to provide the best and most effective learning environment possible, and want my students to have the same high standard. You owe it to yourself to give it your best!

Let's talk BONUSES!

Everyone that enrolls in ELEVATE™ gets the following bonuses:

Bonus #1
Copy Templates
You get a template for everything: your standout brand contrast (aka “positioning”) statement, each of your 5 essential website pages, everything that I possibly can give you!
Bonus #2
Code Shop
When you join the program, you get lifetime access to ALL current + future Code Shop customizations in my code shop so that you can easily customize your  Squarespace website.
Bonus #3
1-on-1 Calls
Sometimes you just want some undivided attention to work through an issue or get private feedback. That’s why you’ll have the opportunity to schedule up to TWO private calls with me.
"Everything looks a bajillion times better! Saved time & a lot of head-banging, which I put to better use tackling biz stuff in my expertise area!"
–Tess Blankenship
Outsourcing consultant

Wondering who’s teaching this class?

Hey, I’m Meghan, your website secret weapon.

Before I uncovered my signature process for crafting a cohesive + standout digital presence, I struggled to get clients in the door and only had 1 client in 6 months, until I completely revamped my messaging + website and, in the following 6 months I landed 12 clients.

And I’m not special. This is EASILY DOABLE.
This is a repeatable process and, if you do each step, you’re going to see exponential returns, which is why I’ve created this program for service-based entrepreneurs like you (coaches, copywriters, VAs, and designers) who are ready to stand out from the saturated market and attract more people to you with less hustle.

I’ve worked with over a dozen creative entrepreneurs to craft websites that increase their client conversions. On top of that, I’ve taught more than 100 students my method of creating user-friendly websites through my online courses.

This isn't a templated approach. It's my signature process of content-first, goal-driven design.

Unlike many other designers that start with “branding” (read: aesthetic choices), I use a content-first approach to design. Because my #1 priority is the user experience. By crafting a delightful experience for your users (aka audience), you’ll not only keep them coming back, but you’ll position yourself as someone that’s credible (showcasing your badass skillset) and crave-worthy (making your people feel connected to you).

Burning Questions you May Want Answered Before Applying

+ Is this just for beginners? I've already got a decent website.

Actually this is NOT what I recommend for total beginners. And if you've already DIYed your website, you are EXACTLY the person that's best suited to experience radical transformation from this program. If you're a total beginner, I recommend starting with a Clarity Call with me to start you off on a good path.

+ Do I need to be good at writing or design? I'm not exactly "artistic".

Let me be clear: you do NOT need to be creative or artistic AT ALL. In fact, you'll probably have a much better experience if you find that these things don't come super easily to you. Because that's how I am!

I've never felt particularly creative and definitely don't align with the term "artist". That's why I've had to develop very systematic and "left-brain friendly" methods of crafting creatively (see what I did there 😉). I'm going to break it waaay down and tell you the actual steps you can do to "cheat creativity" so you come off as being great at design even if you've never studied graphic design before.

+ Why do I need a website anyway? "Imma, Imma hustler."

I know, right? I mean ALL of those peeps that we know and love and look to as "influencers" seem to be saying that we don't even need a website to crack 6-figures in 60 days following their proven step-by-step system.

They must be telling us the truth and not simply trying to sell us things, right? And I'm sure they have the most up-to-date information instead of relying on tactics that worked when they got started. Yeah, no. I call bullshit on this myth. The more care you put into crafting a standout website, the less you have to hustle to get clients and recognition. Period. Full stop. Mic drop.

+ Do I have to use Squarespace or Wordpress? I'm afraid of all the tech!

Not to worry, the concepts taught in this course can be applied to any visual website builder! I will, of course be making recommendations based on my experience and what I see as the best fit for YOU. And I will be offering multiple tech options throughout the course as well as providing plenty of additional resources where you can get free help and tutorials to get unstuck from ANY tech woes. We'll discuss the best website platform for you once you're in the course but I definitely won't advice you to do anything that isn't right for you.

+ How much time is this going to take? I'm busy AF.

I get it. I'm busy AF, too. As the senior marketing designer for a growing tech company, I've got plenty on my plate. But, when you're as passionate about online entrepreneurship as I am, then you make the time. And I am committed to showing up for you and giving you everything I've got, which is why I expect you to show up fully as well (no makeup required, obvis).

But, getting down to actual numbers... expect to spend 1-4 hours per week for the 6-weeks of this program. That can be in one Sunday afternoon or in 45-60 minute increments throughout the week. When you join, we'll talk about how to fit this into your schedule and how you can get accountability to keep you rockin' it.

+ How do I know this will work for me? I'm a special unicorn!

Yes, you are an incredibly special unicorn, my love. And that's exactly why you're in the right place! Because you don't want just another mediocre website that looks like everyone else'. Using tired templates and paint-by-numbers approaches isn't for you.

Because you are unique and you have a special something to share with the world... you NEED a standout website that differentiates you from the sea of sameness and makes you the obvious choice for your right people. That's what I want to help you achieve. Not to blend in, not to follow the crowd, and not to end up with a cookie cutter "one size fits all" website... but to STAND OUT as a unique voice and leading expert in your industry.

That's why you should RUN AWAY from those generic all-encompassing DIY courses. The best solution for you is going to be a program with this level of 1:1 guidance so that we can work out all the special scenarios for your particular service-based business. Because you are a badass, your website isn’t. And I can help.

+ Why should I apply instead of just hiring someone to design my site?

I'm so glad you asked this! Because, as someone that's been "in business" for more than a year or two, you might think that the next logical step is to hire a pro to design your website. But here's why I don't recommend that: If you're not attracting clients automatically through your website now, then making your website prettier isn't going to dramatically improve those results.

And if you're still not crystal clear on your unique position in the market now, then hiring a web designer is likely to leave you feeling as if you've got to re-do everything in another 6 months. And if you don't already have copy that resonates with your ideal clients, leaving them thinking, "YES! She gets me, this is exactly what I need!", then your website design is going to fall flat.

Even more than  those reasons is this: if you're serious about being a CEO someday, then you've got to first understand what goes into each position on your team. You need to know how to do all of the jobs that you'll eventually hire others to fulfill. That's just smart business.

+ When does the course begin and end? What are the program dates?

There are no start or end dates. The program is dripped out over the course of 6-weeks to make it easier for you to go through —without getting overwhelmed, while also allowing you to go at your own pace.

+ Do I get lifetime access to the course material?

Yes! You do get lifetime access to all your program materials.

+ Are there any prerequisites?

The only real prerequisite is that you are committed to showing up for yourself and implementing what you learn (because why else would you join, right?).

+ Are there any other material or equipment costs?

You’ll be crafting a website, which means you’ll need a domain name provider, and a website hosting provider (which we’ll cover during the program, if you need recommendations). To give you an example of website costs: I pay $12/year for my website domain name ( and about $18/month to host my website.

Still not sure this is for you?

You're ready to elevate your website to effortlessly attract more quality clients if...

Did at least 2 of those resonate with you? Then get your booty over to the enroll button (because this is absolutely for you).

So... are you finally ready to make your STANDOUT website (that sells your services) a top priority?

Remember that mission-critical Q we started this whole page on?

Now you should be able to answer with complete confidence. Because when you join ELEVATE and walk through my 9-Step "Stand Out + Sell Out" method for crafting a client-magnet website. You're going to notice MORE than just a little shift...

You're going to experience an unmistakable TRANSFORMATION.
It will feel like all of the internet has turned it's attention toward you as you find client inquiries and interview requests steadily streaming into your inbox —completely unprovoked. (Read: more visibility, traction, and leads with far less hustle).

Get a Standout Website for Your Business that Effortlessly Attracts Clients and Grows Your “Net” Worth ;)

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